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GCSE Results announcement

Phoenix Academy announces GCSE results after unprecedented challenges for students due to COVID-19 lockdown measures

2020 has been a challenging year for all students, but particularly those taking their GCSE’s and A-Levels. Due to the current pandemic and subsequent lockdown, students in Year 11 were not able to sit their final examinations.

To replace examinations, schools were asked to make their best assessment of what grade each student would be most likely to receive. Schools reviewed evidence carefully, considered teacher assessments and went through a robust moderation process to agree Centre Assessed Grades.  

Teachers know their students very well and centres (schools) were able to draw on a wide range of evidence in order to assess students with a high degree of accuracy, before submitting a Centre Assessed Grade to the Examination Board. The grades schools submitted to the Examination Boards were agreed by the centre, following rigorous internal quality assurance. This means that Centre Assessed Grades were not the sole responsibility of any individual teacher.  

Using data submitted, Ofqual was asked by the Secretary of State to develop a system for awarding calculated grades by applying a standardisation model. Ofqual applied this standardisation process in an attempt to maintain standards and ensure that grades awarded this year, were consistent with those awarded nationally to cohorts in previous years. Following A-Level results last week, there was a national outcry at the calculated grades awarded based on this standardisation model. 

On 17th August, Ofqual published a statement, recognising that while the approach adopted attempted to maintain standards and protect the trust the public has in educational qualifications, in fact, the process did not achieve this. Teachers across the country welcome Ofqual’s decision to revert to Centre Assessed Grades in A-Levels and GCSEs. 

Mr Tony MacDowall, Principal of Phoenix Academy says “We, at Phoenix Academy, are proud of all of our students during such unprecedented times and particularly proud of our Year 11 students. We are all set to provide clear guidance and support to ensure they get the best courses and we will be encouraging our Year 11 students to choose the best option for them in the next phase of their lives. We are delighted to be relaunching Phoenix Academy Sixth form. Students who join our Sixth Form benefit from all the opportunities that come from being part of a very small and successful learning community. There are many additional opportunities to develop leadership, to volunteer and to enhance employability skills. We are looking forward to welcoming our Year 11 students to sixth form.”

Kai Salcedo has achieved grade 9s in every subject. He will now go on to study A-Levels in physics, maths, further maths and computer science. Kai says “I am extremely proud of the grades I have achieved. The hard work I put in has paid off. I am extremely excited for the future! Opening the envelope was nerve-wracking but seeing the grades on the paper made me speechless. I would like to thank the staff for all their support during my time at Phoenix Academy. Lesson learned over the past two years: if you work hard, it pays off.”

Aryan Mehra was very happy when he opened his envelope to find four grade 8s and three grade 7s. Aryan will now study A-Level physics, maths, further maths and computer science. Aryan says “I feel very happy about the grades I have achieved at Phoenix. I would like to thank Ms Issa and Mr Carty for their amazing lessons and Mr MacDowall for making the school a great place to study.”


Attainment 8 Score


Progress 8 Score




Grade 5+ %

No. of students achieving GCSE in English Language


No. of students achieving GCSE in English Literature


No. of students achieving GCSE in Maths


No. of students achieving GCSE in English & Maths (Combined)


Staff at Phoenix Academy will continue to work diligently to ensure students receive the grades they deserve, (including supporting students through the appeal process), so that they can progress on successfully to the next stage of their lives.  

About Phoenix Academy

Phoenix Academy is an Ofsted ‘Good’ secondary school in White City, West London and is a part of Future Academies.