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Libertas per cultum

Phoenix Academy welcomes back all students in September 2020

The staff at Phoenix Academy have been focusing for some time on how to ensure that our school can safely open to all students in September – something we are all so much looking forward to. Now that the government has published its guidance for schools, we are in a position to update you on our plans.

Having already done a lot of preparation and groundwork, we are in a very strong position for the autumn term.  We had four different protective bubbles on-site in the summer term and students are used to washing their hands thoroughly and using the hand sanitisers. The government has asked schools to continue operating in protective bubbles of children from September 2020, as such we will have a protective bubble for each year group.  This means that students will not be allowed to mix between year groups.  To enable this to happen, we will be implementing several new systems.

The most important thing is everybody must play their part in keeping COVID-19 out of school.  Following social distancing guidelines outside of school and regular handwashing/using hand sanitisers is vital.  If anyone in your household has symptoms they should stay at home and follow the government guidance regarding isolation.  We request that students walk or cycle to school if they can. If they have to use public transport, they should wear a face-covering while travelling which is in line with current government guidance.  Once they arrive at school, they should safely remove their face-covering.  We will give the students guidance on how to do this.

New Systems for September 2020

Year 7 students start on Thursday 3rd September at 8:20 am

All year groups will start on Friday 4th September at 8:20 am

  1. Students will be in year group protective bubbles.  They will attend a normal school day with enrichment and extracurricular activities.  All lessons/activities will take place in year groups only.  Students will wear school uniform.
  2. Year 7 and 12 students will enter via the car park, Year 8 and 9 will enter via sports centre, Year 10 and 11 will enter via the main entrance. Each year group will have their own playground zone, dining facilities and toilets.
  3. Students will be required to use the hand sanitisers upon arrival to the school site and on entry/exit from each classroom during the day.  They must use the hand sanitisers/wash their hands before they eat.
  4. There will be an increased cleaning regime of all parts of the school with a focus on things that are regularly touched.
  5. Students will attend for the normal school day.  8.25 am until 3.00 pm plus at least one extracurricular activity a week until 4.00 pm.  The gates will be open from 8:00 am and we encourage students to arrive early to avoid the busier buses.
  6. The library will be open after school if students want to stay behind and complete homework.  We will continue to monitor the bus stop on Bloemfontein Road opposite Sainsbury's supermarket but students will have to walk to the next bus stop if it is too busy.  We strongly encourage all students to walk at least part of the journey home or cycle. We have ample bike racks for those students who cycle.
  7. On PE days, students will come to school in their PE kit to avoid changing in a small space.  PE lessons will be outside and will not involve contact sports unless the government advice changes. We are awaiting further advice this week but will confirm the arrangements in my future communication.
  8. We will provide some additional dining facilities outside.
  9. Students must have all their own equipment with them at all times as they will not be able to borrow pens/pencils and stationery from other students.  Shared resources like science equipment will be cleaned between classes or not re-used for 48 hours (72 hours for plastics).
  10. All desks will be facing the front and students will sit in the same seating plans across subjects so we can track close contacts.
  11. We have clear procedures in place if there is a suspected case or positive case in the school.

The summer term has been challenging for families and staff, but it has also been inspiring and uplifting. The whole community has pulled together to ensure students feel safe and supported, and we have shown just how much can be achieved in the most difficult and challenging of circumstances. We thank parents and our school community who have been terrific: on behalf of all staff, we want to thank you for everything you have done to support your children’s success over this period, and to support our school.

If you have not already ordered your child’s uniform then please do so as soon as possible as they are experiencing delays of up to 21 days. Appointments can be made via: