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Libertas per cultum

Sixth Form

Welcome to the Sixth Form

Thank you for taking the time to consider Phoenix Academy for your Sixth Form studies.

Our ultimate goal is to help students develop into independent, ambitious and successful individuals who set themselves high expectations and aspirations. We work to ensure that all of our Sixth Form students achieve excellent academic results, so that every student has the freedom of choice in their adult life. To achieve this, we provide pupils with an inspiring and challenging curriculum, taught by passionate subject specialists, which enables them to discover their strengths and passions. We help all students to find a path that is right for them, and we guide them down that path, whether that be university, Higher Education, or employment. We believe that education extends beyond the classroom, and so we also provide an extensive range of enrichment and extracurricular opportunities to complement our students’ academic studies.

We acknowledge that life in the Sixth Form is a big step up from a student’s prior experience at school. It is a time when students mature from adolescence to adulthood. Students are expected to take increasing responsibility for their learning and management of their time during their time with us. It is also a time of important decision making, including subject choices and future career options. We understand that this is a challenging and overwhelming process, and are always happy to offer support to students who need further advice and information.  All members of the Sixth Form Team take pride in the personalised care and guidance that we can provide. We are united by a common desire: that each of our students is happy and successful, and that they achieve above and beyond what they think is possible. Throughout a student’s time with us, we closely monitor their progress through the provision of personalised target setting, learning conversations and mentoring. This level of flexibility and support is a fundamental part of what we offer for students at Sixth Form.

 We look forward to meeting you soon.

Yours faithfully,

The Sixth Form Team