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Head of Department: Dr G Shahabi

Science helps students to understand both the phenomena that occur within our own bodies, as well as the phenomena of the world in which we live and the universe as a whole. At Phoenix Academy, all students study each of the three major scientific disciplines: biology, chemistry and physics.

Biology encompasses the study of humans, animals, plants and other living beings, as well as exploring nature and natural habitats.

Chemistry is the science of the chemicals, gases and materials which have an impact on everything we do, from the creation of our buildings to the very air we breathe.

Physics looks at the movement and phenomena that impact our way of life, and our connection with the universe.

Key Stage 3

At Key Stage 3, all students study a balance of biology, chemistry and physics, giving them a broad and balanced understanding of the world around them. In biology, they might explore concepts of cells, disease, reproduction, genetics and ecology. In chemistry, the focus is on the periodic table, atomic structure, matter and energy. In physics, students marvel at forces, motion, space and electricity. This programme of study prepares them well for their future GCSE study and beyond.

Key Stage 4

All students at Phoenix Academy are required to study the three sciences at GCSE level, and we follow the AQA specification. Students revise and expound upon their Key Stage 3 learning, as well as exploring fascinating concepts such as biotechnology and genetic engineering, environmental science and sustainability, radiation, human chemistry and homeostasis.