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Religious Studies

Head of Department: Mr D Bennett

The study of religion is as relevant and fascinating now as it has ever been. In our complex and changing world, a firm understanding and appreciation of the world’s different belief systems, cultures and philosophical arguments stand central to a well-rounded curriculum. We guide young people and encourage them to ask questions, whilst also teaching them fundamental knowledge and concepts. We explore key ethical questions and the main tenets of world faiths in order to support our young people in developing their own values and principles, and to promote their spiritual, moral, social and cultural development.

Key Stage 4

At Phoenix Academy, we follow the AQA Religious Studies course. A GCSE in RS allows students to investigate the beliefs and practices of the predominant world faiths, as well as to become self-aware, examining their own attitudes and beliefs and how these are affected by their environment.

Students will explore in depth two world faiths, Islam & Christianity, making comparisons and contrasts as they consider concepts of belief, teaching, scripture, authority, God, community, faith, ritual, practice. They also consider a number of wider social, ethical and philosophical questions that continue to affect us all, making reference to both religious and non-religious arguments. These questions might include war and peace, crime and justice, and human rights.