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Libertas per cultum


Head of Department: Miss J Ugono

Music was one of our ancestors’ original forms of communication, and it endures as a constant and great source of pleasure today. The academic study of music enables students to understand different genres of music. They also have the opportunity to learn an instrument or compose their own pieces, activities which can be highly rewarding. Across Key Stages 3 and 4, students explore a variety of units, introducing them to different genres and allowing them to explore other cultures through their music.

Key Stage 3

At Phoenix Academy, we place a high premium on the teaching of culture and the arts. All Key Stage 3 students at the school study music, where they both explore musical theory as well as studying a wide variety of music from other cultures and genres, such as orchestral music, Indian music, and film soundtracks. Moreover, our school provides an exceptional range of exciting extra-curricular opportunities, such as music tuition, choirs, instrumental ensembles, concerts and competitions. 

Key Stage 4

Students opting to study a GCSE in music at Phoenix Academy follow the Eduquas specification. This is a rich and exciting course that gives students the chance to study a mixture of classical and popular or contemporary works, as well as to try their hand at performance or composition. Highlights of the course might include film music, the works of composers such as Haydn and Copland, cultural fusion music, and musicals.