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Head of Department: Miss S Burch

Geography is the study of the world around us, and provides those who study it with an invaluable understanding of the ever-changing processes that contribute to, and are affected by, each second of every day.

Through the study of geography, students learn to unpick the mysteries of the world around them, making sense of these processes and phenomena. In so doing, they develop their skills of independence, enquiry, perseverance, analysis and self-reflection and critique.

Key Stage 3

All Key Stage 3 students at Phoenix Academy study geography, and have the opportunity to focus on a wide range of both human and natural geographical phenomena. Topics studied include map skills, population, global development, rivers, coastlines and natural disasters. They also conduct case studies on countries and continents, looking into the geography of Africa, Brazil and Russia.

Key Stage 4

At GCSE, geography is an optional subject, following the Edexcel specification. This is a challenging but exciting course, comprised of three components: the physical environment, the human environment and geographical investigation. Students will have the chance to explore concepts such as urbanisation, global development and climate change in great depth, using case studies to deepen their understanding of these themes. Students have the chance to go on thrilling and enriching field trips to deepen their understanding and carry out their own individual research.