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Libertas per cultum


The study of languages enables students of all abilities to develop their potential in communicating with people from other cultures, equipping them with the knowledge to communicate in a variety of contexts with confidence. We offer French because it is the first language spoken in many countries across Africa, Europe and the Caribbean, and therefore offers lots of opportunities for development in a range of business industries. Students at Key Stage 4 will be able to build upon their Key Stage 3 study of Latin, making links between that language and modern Romance ones.

Key Stage 4

At Phoenix Academy, we follow the AQA French specification. The main concepts students study, alongside grammar and vocabulary, are identity and culture, employment and study, and local, national, international and global points of interest. This wide and varied curriculum offering includes the study of cultural life in France, Flaubert’s Madame Bovary, and global issues related to technology, health or poverty.