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Libertas per cultum


Whilst at Phoenix Academy we take academic excellence very seriously, we also believe strongly in the value of opportunities beyond the classroom as a means of broadening student horizons and helping them develop their interests and ambitions. Our extensive Education Enrichment Programme and wide-range of extracurricular activities is therefore designed to enrich the lives of our students whilst complementing their academic studies.

We have excellent facilities in a number of different areas, and we encourage all students to take advantage of the wide range of opportunities on offer. Normally taking place at lunchtime or after-school, these include but are not limited to:

  • A wide range of sporting activities, including clubs, practises and matches
  • A highly successful DebateMate club
  • STEM, history and geography activities, as well as further
  • Musical and dramatic clubs, performances and competitions

Throughout the year, there are also opportunities for students to broaden their knowledge and develop their leadership skills and teamwork strategies. In keeping with our provision of a high-quality Adventure Learning programme, we offer a variety of high-quality school trips and excursions, an example of which was 2018’s momentous and successful accent of Ben Nevis, the highest mountain in Britain.

Please see the Education Enrichment (EE) Programme page for more details on our Careers Programme and Education Enrichment Scheme.